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News – from the North Devon Journal

1853 - John Gibbon marries Maria Couch at Braunton - after he had been arrested and brought forcibly to the church in order to save the expense of looking after her illegitimate child.

1835 - John Parkin applies to open a wineshop in Braunton but is turned down as the parish already has eight pubs plus 'an immense number of beer-shops'.

1849 - At Braunton the sexton in digging a new grave exposes some human bones - an old lady takes a tooth from a jawbone believing it will protect her from toothache.

1857 - PC Sweet of Braunton is the subject of 'a murderous attack' by four men. It is later shown that he faked the assault and had, indeed, soon afterwards absconded with a young school teacher who was not his wife.

1891 - An inquiry into the state of the water supply to Braunton reveals that over a third of the houses in the village have no supply at all.

1910 - The Braunton Electric Lighting and Power Company is set up to light the village.

1935 - The Old Cross Tree in the centre of Braunton is removed 'owing to the inexorable demands of modern traffic regulations.'

1938 - A scheme for a new RAF base at Chivenor is hotly debated. At a public meeting in Braunton one audience member asks 'Which do you think is best, Hitler or an aerodrome?'

1944 - American enlisted men give and plant a tree in Braunton churchyard.

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