Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

Modern Times

Nowadays, Brauntonians enjoy a fast pace of life with all the comforts and luxuries that modern times afford.

Good Surf

Surfers at Saunton Sands beach, 2008The quality of local surf means that surf shops abound and help to maintain a balance of ages and interests within the local population.

Innovative Businesses

In addition, there are many innovative, emerging businesses based in the village, as well as an impressive selection of traditional shops such as butchers, bakers, greengrocers, florists, hardware shops and stationers. 

Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

There are a number of restaurants and cafes, the most famous of which is Squires Fish and Chip shop, as well as six pubs in the village proper where all ages gather for a drink. The Mariner’s Arms in South Street was the favourite drinking place of those mariners who lived in Braunton and it is said that, because the tides would sometimes prevent the sailors from getting to the pub before closing time, the landlord would leave a barrel of beer outside so that they could help themselves!  He never, apparently, had any beer stolen and indeed the mariners were grateful for the arrangement and left their money for the landlord to find in the morning.

More tales of the mariner’s lives can be found in the section about Shipping.

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