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The Peace Tree

The Peace Tree 1When the Americans were based in Braunton during 1944, they became fascinated by the village and its age. They were particularly intrigued by St Brannocks church and became friendly with its vicar, the Rev J H Prince.

Soldiers' Idea

With war service creating a lack of manpower in the village, the churchyard had become very overgrown and so the reverend was delighted when the American soldiers offered to clear it. As they worked, they came up with the idea of planting a tree in the churchyard, as a lasting reminder of the goodwill that was engendered between the two nations at this perilous time.

The Peace Tree 3The tree was duly planted and a plaque was erected which said:

“This tree was planted on June 5th, 1944, by American enlisted men of diverse faiths visiting and volunteering work upon this sacred ground during the War of Liberation as a personal tribute to Britain’s glorious stand against aggression.”

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